Sunday, November 27, 2011

Uni Analysis - The 2011 Season

With the 2011 season in the books, let's analyze all the IU looks:

Red Helmet 1-4 
PF 150 (30 ppg) PA 174 (34.8 ppg)
What it means:
It means that #LaFlamaRoja was the only helmet with a win and had the best Points For per Game out of all three Helmets.

White Helmet 0-5 
PF 113  (22.6 ppg) PA 217 (43.4 ppg)
What it means:
It means that #LaFlamaBlanca supplied no wins and the worst Points Against per Game. Not the mojo Coach Wilson was looking for...
Pink Helmet 0-1-1 (PSU vacated game)
PF 30 (15 ppg) PA 57 (28.5 ppg)
What it means:
It means that #LaFlamaRosa is not only ugly, it's anemic on offense. Retire this forever.
Red Jersey 1-4-1 (PSU vacated game)
PF 158 (26.3 ppg) PA 204 (34 ppg)
What it means:
This represents the six home games. At 1-5 and with much better Points For and Points Against, maybe the Hoosiers should refuse to play on the road since they can only win at home...
White Jersey 0-6
PF 95 (15.8 ppg) PA 244 (40.7 ppg)
What it means:
At almost -25 Points Per Game vs their road opponents, the Hoosier STRUGGLE on the road.
White Pants 1-10-1 (PSU vacated game)
PF 253 (21.1 ppg) PA 448 (37.3 ppg)
What it means:
These pants, as the only consistent thing the Hoosiers had going for them (uni or otherwise), show how all 12 games went for the Hoosiers. For the season, the Hoosiers only could manage one win and at -16 Points Per Game vs their opponents, the Hoosiers have a lot of room for improvement on both sides of the ball.
RRW 1-1
What it means:
The Hoosiers, if saddled with this uni set again next season, should wear this for every home game.
WRW 0-2
What it means:
The Hoosiers need to stop wearing #LaFlamaBlanca, no matter how much they look like Oklahoma in the red helmets.

PRW 0-1-1 (PSU vacated game)
What it means:
Like I said above, never again.

RWW 0-3
What it means:
Not a terrible look, but red pants might bring wins.
WWW 0-3
What it means:
Red pants need a red helmet. Retire the #LaFlamaBlanca, especially on the road.

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