Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Uni Analysis - The 2012 Season

The Hoosiers are now two full seasons into the Kevin Wilson era and there were signs of improvement on the field in play and dress. There was no pink logo game, they only wore their Red/White/White combo once (which is one time too many, but an improvement over the three times last season) and the Hoosiers simplified this uniform set from five combinations to three.

Just like we did last season, lets take a look into how all the uniform elements fared in the 2012 season:

2-4: 177 PF (29.5 PFA) 224 PF (37.3 PFA)  

This set is the middle of the road in record, points for and points against. It's a good uniform but not great, but aside from the Wisconsin game, the Hoosiers performed admirably in these unis, apropos to the quality of the uni combo. This jersey is also the accurate representation of their home record, due to the fact that this is the only uni combo they wore at The Rock this season.

2-3: 171 PF (34.2 PFA) 153 PF (30.6 PFA)

The most successful set in 2012 from an offensive, defensive and record standpoint, the Hoosiers pull off the stormtrooper look about as well as anyone in college football. There is room to improve this uniform combo - and the same can be said about their record in this uniform - but with more points for than points against it's hard to argue that this isn't the Hoosiers best look in 2012.

0-1: 22 PF (22 PFA) 45 PF (45 PFA)

Now this is where the Hoosiers went wrong. When combined with last season's record in Red/White/White, the Hoosiers are 0-4 in this uni combo. That's bad. What's worse is that the red helmet without red pants makes this set feel top-heavy, and a top heavy look is a bad look. The Hoosiers need to either adopt red pants or stick with all white on the road.

Red Helmet - #LaFlamaRoja
2-5: 199 PF (28.4 PFA) 269 PF (38.4 PFA)

While the red helmet has the worse record, least points for and most points against, the Wisconsin (run-up score) and Penn State (R/W/W game) games skew this helmet's stats dramatically.

White Helmet - #LaFlamaBlanca
2-3: 171 PF (34.2 PFA) 153 PF (30.6 PFA)

This is - by all accounts - the better of the two helmets, a dramatic change from last season's 0-5 record. This helmet looks best when paired with white pants, but we only saw it in action with the white jersey in 2012.

Red Jersey
2-4: 177 PF (29.5 PFA) 224 PF (37.3 PFA)

While worse than the white jersey in the stats, the record says what the eye already knows: Both jerseys are equally good but could use improvement. This jersey - just like the Red/Red/White set - represents the home record in 2012.

White Jersey
2-4: 193 PF (32.2 PFA) 198 PF (33 PFA)

Yet again, the white uniform element out performed it's red counterpart. Ironically - after the opposite being the case in 2011 - the Hoosiers on the road played better than the Hoosiers at home. This jersey accurately represents the road record and shows how the defense was more stout and how the offense was more explosive but - alas - the record didn't change...

White Pants
4-8: 370 PF (30.8 PFA) 422 PF (35.2 PFA)

The white pants are the summation of the season (though, I wish they weren't because that would mean the Hoosiers would've added red pants [no, I will not stop bringing that up]). Compared to last season, the Hoosiers improved by three wins, scored 9.7 more points for per game and allowed 2.1 fewer points against per outing. It's improvement - steady improvement - that looks to continue into year three of the Wilson experiment.

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